The overhaul project of Line 2250 of Taigang Hot Rolling Plant started smoothly

This project is located in the 2250 line of Taigang Hot Rolling Plant. It is another overhaul project after Shanghai Baoye participated in the overhaul in 2017 after a lapse of five years. The main construction contents include: finishing rolling F1-F6 area, hot coil box area, flying shear area, high pressure descaling system, heat output roller table area, bell furnace and fan dust removal gas pipeline area, curling chain area, leveling area, There are 9 major items and 453 minor items for the electrical roller table and electrical transmission cabinet of the main rolling line, with a construction period of 7 days. The purpose is to carry out a comprehensive comprehensive treatment of the equipment unit through overhaul, completely eliminate the hidden dangers affecting the safe operation of the equipment unit, carry out in-depth renovation of the area and equipment, further improve the reliability of the equipment, reduce the incidence of equipment defects, and comprehensively improve the production of equipment. level, eliminate the defects and problems affecting the economy of the equipment unit, and take effective measures to make the equipment system run to the design value.

The overhaul was short in time, heavy in tasks and wide in coverage. Shanghai Baoye will take the initiative, go all out, cooperate closely, adhere to the simple and heavy MCC spirit of “no delay in one day, no slack in one day”, complete various construction tasks with high quality and high efficiency, and report to TISCO Hot Continuous Rolling Plant. Submit a satisfactory answer sheet.